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Robin Rector Krupp is an artist who writes. Her mother said that by the time Robin was two, if her mother didn’t give her paper, Robin would draw on her skin!

In elementary school, she was never the best artist in her class and she STILL takes art lessons!

The book format intrigues Robin. People can do so much with it. Books allow Robin to get her work out to a wider audience at a cheaper price. She likes that.

Robin encourages a wide range of creativity in herself and others. In short, she is: the illustrator 7 books, 3 of which she wrote and the Rainbow Lady who comes in costume for "The Rainbow and You" or Senora Artista for "Let’s Go Traveling in Mexico". She has been to over 300 schools and met over 300,000 people. She has worked in schools, libraries,
hospitals, churches, and cruises. She loves to be an "Artist in Residence" doing presentations, workshops, quick portraits, sketches, outdoor painting, and coming in different costumes for schools, hotels, conferences, and cruises. She is a writer and REWRITER, having rewritten one book 27 times! She tells that to kids. She is also a teacher at heart having taught at 5 Southern California colleges and universities, a painter who exhibits and sells her work, and a world wide traveler. She has presented all over the United States, including Alaska, and abroad in the Canary Islands, Spain and
Cuba. She is a gardener, who has given away more than 900 bouquets.


Robin Rector Krupp
Cell: (323) 387-2440
Studio: (828) 505-2596
32 Tacoma St.
Asheville, NC 28801


written by E. C. Krupp
illustrated by Robin Rector Krupp

HarperCollins, ISBN 0-688-15602-9

written and illustrated by Robin Rector Krupp,

Morrow Junior Books, ISBN 0-688-12367-8

Available through Robin


written and illustrated by Robin Rector Krupp

Morrow Junior Books, ISBN 0-688-08989-5

Available through Robin, also paperback edition with Scholastic’s Literacy Place


written and illustrated by Robin Rector Krupp

Four Winds Press, ISBN 0-02-751140-5

Available through Robin

    Out of Print books
all written by E. C. Krupp
I illustrated by Robin Rector Krupp

THE MOON AND YOU, Macmillan, 0-02-751142-1

THE BIG DIPPER AND YOU, Morrow Junior Books, 0-688-07191-0

THE COMET AND YOU, Macmillan, 0-02-751250-9


Living Legacy Award, Women’s International Center, San Diego, CA, 1998

Southern California Council for Children’s Literature, Dorothy C. McKenzie
Award, a lifetime award for promoting literacy, 1998


"The Rainbow and You"

"Dazzling illustrations…" - School Library Journal

"Let’s Go Traveling in Mexico"
"wonderful overview . . .broad in scope, informative, and fun to read"
-Kirkus Review

"The book captures symbols, images, the essence of Mexico . . . A book we highly recommend . . ." - Nana’s Book Warehouse

Other Publications & Media

Solo Video:

"Write Now!" produced by Cranial Combustion, 1999


Full day Visits as an Author and Illustrator, costume, slides, stages of a
book, writing advice, drawing at an easel, original art, lots of helpful lessons and energy. Fast paced with kids helping on stage.

Author-in-Residence: five days straight or 4 weeks of one day a week at the same school, assemblies, workshops, in-service, paintings, and portraits. We’ll work together to put together a unique offering which will benefit all concerned.

What People Say

"Your books are better than a roller coaster!"
- 2nd grader, 29 Palms, CA

"The teachers are still buzzing about your wonderful presentations . . ."
- PTA President, Rialto, CA

"I remember her! She was here 7 years ago and she was fabulous. Let’s
get her back!" - School principal, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Even 4 years after your visit, your books will be checked out more
frequently." - School librarian, La Crescenta, CA

Fun Facts

  • She is left handed. But she draws and writes with her right hand to surprise herself!
  • She is the middle child.
  • Robin played with her doll house through 5th grade.
  • She still loves to make arrangements with little toys, dolls, and animals collected from her travels.
  • Universal Designs sells her colorful WILD! Animals as posters in Christian bookstores.
  • Her whole family loves books. Her mother wrote a biography of Alva Vanderbilt, her father makes scrapbooks, her sister has over 40,000 cookbooks, and her brother is writing a book on wine.
  • Her grandfather, Floyd Hayden, founded Citrus College in Glendora, California.
  • She needs to wear glasses to drive. She got contacts when she was over 40.

Just For You

Here is an illustrated 8 1/2" x 11" sheet on "How to Help Young
Authors and Illustrators
" She hopes you enjoy reading and using it.